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You can learn more about the Illinois Child Support Guidelines @


Have you heard about the child support guidelines in Illinois? Did you know that Illinois law also requires a judge to order a spouse to pay guideline maintenance (formerly called alimony) if maintenance is ordered?


Child support is a very common concern that arises as a result of a divorce proceeding. Deciding the proper amount of support for your child or children is an element of a divorce. In the end, most families manage to negotiate an agreement that both sides can live with. We work with both married and unmarried individuals to establish the right amount of child support for their children.


We first strive to determine whether or not your case can be negotiated to find an affordable and fair resolution. If this isn't possible, we have no hesitation to take the matter to litigation when needed and if necessary. Often times we are able to settle and come to an agreement.


We can help you with:


  • Child Support

  • Enforcement of Support Orders Assistance - Are you being accused of contempt? Or, are you looking for your "ex" to be found in contempt?

  • Guideline Support - What are the Illinois Child Support Guidelines?

  • High Income Support

  • Modification Assistance

  • Spousal Support

  • Support Withholding

  • Unemployed or Underemployed Spouse


You can learn more about calculating child support in Illinois here.


The reality is that every family and situation is different. You will need an experienced lawyer at your side to be certain that the Court has an accurate understanding of your finances, expenses and individual situation.


Illinois Spousal Maintenance / Support Lawyer


We will help you negotiate a successful spousal maintenance agreement or help litigate a successful result, depending on your specific needs and the facts of your case.


There are different durations for spousal maintenance awards. Some last forever and some last only a short time.


Here are the three most common forms of maintenance. Did you know that, effective January 1, 2015 in Illinois, if a judge decides maintenance should be awarded in a case, that similar to the child support guidelines, maintenance guidelines shall apply?


You can learn more about calculating maintenance in Illinois here.


  • Reviewable maintenance: Payments are made for a certain period, at which time the matter is reviewed.

  • Maintenance in gross: Lump sum payment.

  • Permanent maintenance: Payments are made for an indefinite period of time.


A maintenance obligation can also be eliminated in certain circumstances, such as the death, remarriage, or co-habitation of the payee with another person on a “non-platonic” basis.


There is an upside to paying maintenance (formerly called alimony). Alimony (maintenance) must be treated as taxable income for the receiver, but it is tax deductible for the payor. Some couples opt to set spousal maintenance aside, and look to a property division settlement as an alternative. An experienced lawyer can be especially valuable in a spousal maintenance case.


A large part of attorney Melton's law practice concentrates on family law and divorce. Very common components of a divorce proceeding include child support and spousal maintenance issues. Attorney Melton uses her experience, winning courtroom trial record, and love of the law to help her advocate and fight for her clients. She understands that each and every case is different, and every legal situation is unique. Attorney Melton brings sensitivity, open and honest communication, thoroughness, preparation as well as passion and compassion to her law practice and to her clients.


We help people and families with ALL Divorce & Family Law Issues.


There are no secrets to success. It is a combination of hard work, thoroughness, preparation, passion and compassion. Attorney Melton loves the law, and loves to help people!


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