Why Choose Attorney Melton?

A Winning Trial Record


  • I am very comfortable in the courtroom, I am well familiar with the local judges, and have a solid reputation. My success includes:

  • 12 Consecutive Trial Acquittals-both in felonies and misdemeanors. One felony jury acquittal came down in less than 10 minutes;

  • Convincing a trial court Judge to reverse several DUI and other traffic convictions as a result of my arguing that the prosecution violated Illinois Supreme Court Rule 505 (please see the relevant news article under “My Articles”);

  • Obtaining the dismissal of all murder charges, and therefore 6 out of 7 counts of a felony indictment, which resulted in a 2-year sentence as opposed to 60+ years;

  • Winning child custody awards in divorce and paternity cases;

  • Obtaining extensive property, maintenance, and child support awards in divorce cases.


Experience and love of the law


In addition to having more than 15 years of trial experience in many legal areas, I am highly skilled in legal research, thereby ensuring that I advise you of your options which are based on current law, not on law which has changed.  I have a true passion for the law and for doing my best to help my clients.  I come prepared to court, know the local judges and their expectations, and use effective legal strategy in presenting my clients’ cases.


Sensitivity to Your Needs


Each and every case, each and every legal situation, is unique.  Whether you personally are looking for an attorney to provide legal advice, or you are looking for one on behalf of a friend or family member, no one else’s circumstances are like yours.  Therefore, it is important that you have a zealous, compassionate, and hardworking attorney fighting for you, someone who understands your particular needs and uses a style and strategy best suited to your particular case. I pride myself on focusing on each individual client and adapting my litigation style and strategies to each person’s needs, whether your legal situation requires a lengthy trial, settlement, or simply a phone call or letter.


Communication and Honesty


I return telephone calls as soon as possible, within a reasonable amount of time and usually within 24 to 36 hours.  In addition, as my client, I would keep you fully informed about your case and be up front and honest with you, so you can confidently make informed decisions. I will tell you what you need to hear.  I will also zealously represent you but will not mislead you. I do not and will not make you false promises so that you do not expect unrealistic results. I do and will only file motions or make arguments which I believe have merit and therefore, I avoid wasting time and wasting your money.


Thoroughness and Preparation 


They say that for every action there is a reaction. This applies as well to litigation. Also, no client likes unpleasant surprises. Therefore, I take great care to look at “all angles” in a case and anticipate what my opponent will likely do, as well as the Judge. Knowing the possible outcomes of what I plan to do for my client and advising my client of those outcomes, is crucial to the success of your case and to achieve that success in an economical manner.  In addition, my efforts are concentrated on preparing your case in a way which minimizes court appearances and finalizing that case so you do not have to come back to court again-especially to correct  problems that should have been resolved  beforehand. 


Passion and Compassion 


I love the law and I love to help people.  My work and life experience, which includes being married and a mother of an autistic child, has given me keen insight, sensitivity and empathy towards my clients and their issues. Having this consideration means that I look at my clients as real people, not problems.